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Cameron Chambers grew up in the heart of fly fishing country in Helena, Montana.  He picked up his first fly rod in high school and a part time fishing hobby quickly turned into a full time addiction.  Cameron learned the basics on the Little Blackfoot River where the water runs cold all summer long and the native cutthroat make even a novice angler feel accomplished.  He has since fished around the west and on several continents.  He guided in Chile for one season before hanging up his guide hat to focus on writing, photography, and casting his own flies. 

            He penned his first fly fishing article for Fly Fisherman Magazine in 2010 and followed up with several others on topics ranging from fishing remote waters in Arizona to techniques for finicky steelhead.  Chasing Rumor: A Season Fly Fishing Patagonia, due out May 2015, will be his first book.  The travel memoir is a look at the people, places, and stories that are the culture of fly fishing in Patagonia.

            For Cameron the most important part has always been the simplest part, just getting out on the water.  His philosophy is that catching fish is just an excuse to get further away from the road than you otherwise might.  His writing and photography are his way to tempting more of us into our own adventures.   


Chasing Rumor: A Season Fly Fishing Patagonia

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"…In the course of describing the fishing in Patagonia the path takes a circuitous route through the lives of people via history and story, and only halfway finds its way back to a fish."                              

When Cameron Chambers set off across Patagonia he did so with two missions: to catch a ten-pound trout and to write the next guidebook on fishing Argentina.  A month into his adventure he had yet to catch a two-pound trout and realized pounding out mile markers and hot fly suggestions was not what he wanted his Patagonia adventure to be about.  He gave up on the idea of writing a guidebook and just started enjoying the experience.  After a chance encounter with one of Argentina’s oldest guides, Richard Ameijeias, Cameron started looking for more than just fish…he started looking for the culture of fly fishing in Patagonia. 

            He started to track down pisculture biologist at universities, national parks wardens, old guides, tourist, and anyone who had a stake in Patagonia’s fish.  He recorded the meetings in a journal.  After a few months the collection of personalities, history, and anecdotes from 50 years of fishing in Patagonia started to materialize into a story all its own.

            Chasing Rumor is the collection of all those journal entries and the adventure’s Cameron had along the way as he collected them.  As he says in the book, it’s a story that only halfway finds its way back to a fish. 




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