"Fly Fishing off the beaten paths of Patagonia (and there are a lot of them) is not for sissies but it can be a helluva entertaining adventure.  I know - I've been there.  Cameron Chambers captures it all - the wild rivers and lakes, small and giant fish, local characters and North American fish bums.  Crack a beer and go along for the ride in his entertaining book."       Tom Brokaw


Fly fisherman Cameron Chambers' modern-day pilgrimage to the land of the mythical 20-pound trout.


Excerpt From Chasing Rumor

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"This is exceptionally well written.  Your journey enabled you to compress in a relatively short time an understanding of yourself and why we love fly fishing; something most fly fisherman acquire  only during their lifetime.  The dream of many is to chase a very special fish.  You brought to life their own mythical chase and the joys, tribulations, and finally understanding of that pursuit."      Lefty  Kreh