Very special thank you to all the organizations listed below.  Without their help Chasing Rumor would never be possible.  To me these aren't companies, but a small group of people passionate about what they do and committed to creating an amazing experience for each person that comes through the door.  I can wholeheartedly recommend each of them as a traveler, angler, and general critic.  

Obviously bringing Chasing Rumor to you would not have been possible without the good people at Patagonia.  Their books division as nice to work with as their zipper front waders are to wear.   It's been a pleasure to work with Patagonia as an author and get a glimpse behind the scenes.  Their shtick is not just marketing, the do the right mentality funnels all the way down to how they treat the people that work for them.  Definitely a company you can feel good about supporting…by purchasing a copy of Chasing Rumor.  

A couple of best friends from Montana, Rance Rathie and Travis Smith landed the dream job of their life guiding in Central Patagonia about 15 years ago.  They had a tough first couple of years, but instead of throwing in the towel they decided set a higher bar for fishing guides in Patagonia.  Fast forward to today, their company Patagonia River Guides is a mainstay in Central Patagonia and the high standard of professionalism they've set is forcing outfitters across the region to raise the bar.  

Legendary Patagonian guide Jorge Trucco's company Patagonia Outfitters has been an industry innovator in Northern Patagonia since Jorge first brought dry fly fishing to the region in the early 80's.  Their long standing relationships in the area give them access to every nook and cranny of the area and their latest venture, the Limay River Lodge, is about the only feasible way to effectively fish the big fish and low crowd Medio section of the Rio Limay.