The following provided a good jumping off point for both  practical information and big dreams.  


The book that started it all for me.  This dated fishing guide still provides an interesting read for the the culture, history, and much of the travel route information.  When it comes to the specific waterways a lot has changed in the 20 years since its publication and readers are cautioned not to put too much stock in the book's suggestions.  For more commentary on this book see Chasing Rumor Chapter 1.  


This guide came out as I was trekking across the steppe in desperate need of information.  If only I would have gotten my hands on it!  The authors spent their time in Patagonia and their passion to fish the region is evident in this detailed and accurate book.  This is probably the place to start for do-it yourself trip planning.  


Thinking of a do-it yourself adventure? This film will both make you question the sanity of such and adventure and also get you so hyped that you probably just buy a plane ticket anyway.  Not the best in terms of narration and information, but high marks for getting stoked.  


Mel Krieger was a well-known fishing personality in the states, but in Argentina the man is a legend.  He is the fly-fishing equivalent of Diego Maradona.  He put on fly fishing clinics and schools across Patagonia brining fly fishing and more importantly a conservation ethic to the country.  This video chronicles his influence in Patagonia and shows us some of is favorite people and places.