Rio Limay

The Rio Limay flows out of Lago Nahuel Huapi near the tourist mecca of Bariloche.  The boca area provides easy public access to one of the legendary spots of Patagonian fishing.  Most nights a handful of anglers will be lined up on the banks hoping to connect with the monster browns that migrate out of the lake to feed in the river’s current.  

Throughout its length the Limay runs in a singular strong current making wading difficult.  Adding to the challenges are bankside willows that hamper backcasts and steal flies.  The clear water and scenery of the steppe make the challenges worthwhile. 

The best times to fish the Limay are the early and late part of the season.  November the water runs high and powerful, but it’s the best time to hook into rainbow trout remaining in the river after spring spawning.  Starting in late February big browns will start to migrate out of Nahuel Huapi into the river with the peak of the fall run in April.