Rio Norquinco

The Norquinco meanders through Chile’s high plateau taking its time to cross the flat ranchland at the foot of the Andes.  On its slow course it gives trout ample time to flourish making the Norquinco one of the most productive streams Chile has to offer.  Too narrow to float, its never too big not to wade across and access points are frequent enough that walking anglers can take advantage of all the river has to offer. 

The upper most section of the river has a few very productive spring creek tributaries that are not to be missed.  They are however, a long way from anything considered civilization so planning for food and fuel are necessary.  Some of the largest trout in Patagonia have come from these relatively tiny creeks, at times only a few feet wide they may produce double digit trout. 

There is also a canyon section on the Norquinco when it comes off the high plateau that offers some quality fishing in the short slow runs between drops.  There are not huge fish numbers in this section, but the canyon walls make it worth a day.  Hiking can be difficult to impossible along the banks, so anglers should be aware that a large portion of the day may be taken up just accessing these remote sections of water.