Rio Pico

On the last frontier of fishing in Patagonia the Rio Pico is tucked up against the Chilean border a long way from anything.  Near the extremely productive pothole lakes known as the Number 1-5, the Rio Pico shares the same quality water that produces great trout. 

Access to the Rio Pico is difficult for several reasons.  The first is its shear distance from any town of note, about three hours from Esquel.  The second and most important is that it is locked up behind large private tracks of land.  These estancias make access difficult both in trying to track someone down to ask permission, then in navigating the maze of two tracks to find the river. 

Finding the Rio Pico is worthwhile as its size and characteristics are perfect for the fly.  Slow meanders against willow lined banks make spotting feeding trout a go to tactic.  Fishing here can require precision casting and aggressive fighting techniques to keep fish out of the trees, but that’s part of the fun.